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Keef’s annual holiday commissions return, giving you the unique opportunity to have the world-famous gentleman cartoonist DRAW ANYTHING (within reason) in black archival ink on an 8×10 piece of bristol, suitable for framing.

Have your favorite superhero drawn Keef-style!  Or have a terrible caricature done of yourself or a family member!

Just contact Keef at, and he’ll work things out with  ya–THAT EASY!

New Bumper Sticker!!

“Star Wars Prequel Denier Bumpersticker”

As many of you already know, Keith Knight is the world’s foremost Star Wars Prequel denier!
He has already suffered for his controversial stance, by being shut out of Lucas Valley low-cost housing in Marin County, California! Trust your feelings and support the movement.

What Prequels Bumper Sticker
2 Bumper Stickers $7.00 (includes shipping & handling)

The First Knight Life Collection is Here!!

“The Knight Life: Chivalry Ain’t Dead”

It’s finally here!! The first collection of Keith Knight’s daily comic strip, The Knight Life!! Over 200 pages of auto-bio funny, the book chronicles Keef, Kerstin, Keef’s dad, Gunther, and the rest of the cast to the cast’s intorduction to the daily newspaper page! With an introduction by award-winning hip-hop journalist Jeff Chang!!

First Knight Life Collection: Chivalry Ain't Dead
US orders $18.00 + &4.00 (shipping & handling)
CANADA orders $18.00 + &6.00 (shipping & handling)
International orders $15.00 + &13.00 (shipping & handling)

Special Artist’s Edition of “Chivalry Ain’t Dead”!!

There is a limited-number, special Artist’s Edition of the first Knight Life Collection “Chivalry Ain’t Dead”!!The special Artist’s Edition is stamped, hand-numbered, autographed by Keith Knight, and features an original sketch inside your cover. After this limited run of 250 Artist’s Editions are sold, no copies sold in the K Chronicles store will contain a Knight Life sketch.
(Note: Special sketch requests are not possible. But don’t worry, it’ll be the cat’s pajamas!!)
Artist’s Edition US orders $35.00 + &4.00 (shipping & handling)
Artist’s Edition CANADA orders $35.00 + &6.00 (shipping & handling)
Artist’s Edition International orders $30.00 + &13.00 (shipping & handling)
Check or money order?

Boston Sports Comics!!

You may know that Keef is a HUGE Boston sports fan!! Here is your chance to score prints of his favorite Boston sports-themed comics.

Boston Red Sox Fans

Full color 11 x 17. Signed by the artist.

1 for $30, together with Bruins print $50.

Keith Knight's Red Sox Fan Print

Boston Bruins

Partial color 11 x 15. Signed by the artist.

1 for $30, together with Red Sox print $50.

Keith Knight's Boston Bruins Comic
Red Sox $30 ($25.00 + &5.00 shipping & handling)
Bruins $30 ($25.00 + &5.00 shipping & handling)
Red Sox + Bruins $50 ($45.00 + &5.00 shipping & handling) You save $10!!
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