cartoonist keith knight Keith is your humble narrator,  dashing hero & friendly neighborhood cartoonist. Fanatically frugal, oh-so-opinionated, and highly inquisitive–he  tries to stay connected in an increasingly disconnected society. Keith loves talking to strangers – the stranger the better.

KerstinKerstin is Keith’s patient and loving German-born wife, who finds herself perplexed by many of her adopted homeland’s ways. She works a “normal” job (cubicle, computer, creepy co-workers) and struggles with the woes of the recession and finding her way as an immigrant, woman, wife, and mother. She also wonders if Michael Jackson’s song “Billie Jean” is about the tennis player.


Keith Sr. is Keith’s Dad. He is retired and lives in Las Vegas. His job is to collect the free stuff the casinos give away and unload it on Keith. He’s always asking Keith how much money he makes and wonders why he’s not rich like Kanye West or Dave Chappelle. He’s an avid golfer who believes Tiger Woods and Keith were switched at birth. Dad acts grumpy, but beneath that gruff exterior is a heart of gold. Or depleted plutonium (the water is not too clean in Vegas).


Clovis is a friend and neighbor. He is a dog walker/house-sitter/ yoga practitioner  fascinated by all things otherworldly. Vampires, extraterrestrials, the Olson twins, hippies – you name it and he’s seen or been abducted by it.


Gunther shares an apartment with Clovis and is fascinated that the Knights take public transportation and don’t have cable. He’s a somewhat naive, yet funny and goofy dude susceptible to any media trend or fad that comes along. He has few aspirations beyond becoming air-guitar champion of the world–though his annual sleep-a-thon raises dozens of dollars for Internet research.

Dexter Sr.Dexter Sr. is a semi-retired gangsta rapper, whose record company faked his demise to sell more records. Keeping a low profile, he is plotting his next big comeback. In the meantime, he is raising his young son, Dexter Jr., to follow in his footsteps. Or not…

Dexter Jr.Dexter Jr. is a quiet, hardworking, straight-A student. He studies history and is no fan of the gangsta rap genre. Dexter Sr. wonders how he went wrong as a father.

And then there are the many minor characters who color the strip:

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